It feels exactly the actual same as if I ended up being renting a house, after which suddenly the particular locks obtain changed consequently I could not really enter, unless I let these people have permission to check up everything I study inside a library. and if I wouldn't like to, bad luck, as my stuff can be nonetheless inside however I may in you t no way reach it anymore.

I do not need to become forced into taking a google account. I do not need all my issues being youtude linked online. I do believe it is a large violation regarding my privacy. also I can't even acces my extremely own account simply because regarding this. WTF? Is that even legal?

So I searched around the youtube web site for a get inside touch with link. I can easily certainly not discover any, except to obtain a non-digital adress inside the US. Somehow that will offers me the idea that my complaint is not going to become heard.

Do they have email contact alternatives that will I may use?

An additional thing, if you do not want to use google anyway, however rather work along with an other research engine, nevertheless do want to publish upon youtube, an individual mst sign up for google. What type of monopoly will be that?