Live Your YouTube Video In PowerPoint Presentation: Smart Guide

posted on 11 Aug 2014 15:23 by dysfunctionalva08
When you never like the reside YouTube video way, that requires live and reliable World wide web connection, a person could download YouTube video to your hard drive, as well as insert the actual video in to presentation offline. It's also very easy to make in the few minutes.

--- Insert YouTube Video Because SWF Flash Movie

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If you're likely to provide a PowerPoint presentation beneath the environment with live World wide web connection. A Person may directly embed the expected YouTube video to the slide, as well as take part in the video in your presentation coming from World wide web just like embedding YouTube video in the Net page. Only stick to the simple steps below:

3. Discover the actual hidden Manage Toolbox out in PowerPoint along with go to "More Controls" because the means inside the 1st steps regarding online YouTube section above. Select "VideoLAN VLC ActiveX Plugin v1/v2" inside the pair of controls available, then draw along with resize your displayed region together with mouse within the slide as you like. Correct click the region you drew along with go to Properties tab, and complete value of attribute "MRL" with the path in the YouTube Flash video file, similar to D:\Temp\2008\temp.flv, then close the actual tab. Today your YouTube Flash video in your hard disk can be ready to attempt out in the presentation.

Besides, a person could also make an effort to transform your current YouTube Flash video inside FLV format to other common video format just like AVI, MOV, etc by incorporating on-line services such as or another offline video conversion tools. Then you tend to be in a new position to straight insert these transformed video inside your hard drive through "Insert Movie coming from File" throughout PowerPoint.

Get YouTube Flash Video Offline as well as Add To be Able To Presentations

Generally speaking, to stay away from video codec difficulty with assorted computers, and create certain your properly video playback throughout PowerPoint, Flash video in FLV format along with other video forms just isn't advised to be inserted in PowerPoint. Based on the popularity regarding Adobe Flash player, which could be widely installed in the majority of computers in the world, Flash movie within SWF is extremely compatible cross-platform and also appropriately played back. you could attempt several video for you to Flash conversion tools, like WebVideo Author, to convert FLV or other video types for you to SWF format.

Maybe the actual total guidebook for YouTube video throughout PowerPoint is actually just a little of complex regarding everyone. Google's PowerPoint killer inside Google Docs can be very expected to be able to add the feature to incorporate YouTube video within on-line presentation instantly, if Google really wants being your killer. after all, YouTube is a excellent video treasure with regard to everyone, we tend to be able to create much better use regarding it along with our functions and life.

2. Throughout the Manage Toolbox, click the past icon "More Controls" which can be displayed as hummer as well as wrench. Throughout the set of controls available on your computer, select "Shockwave Flash Object". Then use your mouse to attract along with resize an location inside the slide while you such as to position the YouTube video.

4. right click the region a person drew which is displayed as a large cross, select Properties and go to Properties tab. Merely copy as well as paste the YouTube video address such as "" within the area as value of attribute "Movie"; set the want for attribute "Playing" and also "Loop" to end up being able to False. Near the particular Properties tab when things are done.

5. Today save your presentation, preview and relish the embedded live YouTube video in the slide using a World wide web connection.

The Flash movie file in SWF format could be inserted in to PowerPoint presentation as "Shockwave Flash Object" in Contorl Toolbox such as the approach inside the first actions of online YouTube section above. And Also you tend to be able to embed the actual SWF Flash file within your presentation via environment the actual attribute "EmbedMovie" for you to Accurate within Properties tab.

By the way, several presentation authoring tools, such as PPT2Flash Professional, Articulate Presenter, offer your shortcut to become able to insert SWF Flash files quickly, last however, not least output the actual PowerPoint presentation using YouTube Flash video as Flash movie in SWF format. Flash-based presentation will be type of excellent treatment for stay away from compatibility concerns through video codec, PowerPoint versions and operating systems, and also easy to make Web compliance.

Maybe not everybody loves YouTube, watches and also uploads videos on YouTube, yet in the world's most widely used community, sometimes you'll like to add a favorite video upon YouTube for your next presentation. Several folks youtub have tried numerous techniques to produce YouTube video within their PowerPoint. here I just review these excellent ideas, as well as express the obvious fact during my words.

Play YouTube Flash Video On-line inside PowerPoint using Stay Connection

2. Today an individual have to choose in which format regarding YouTube Flash video you'd like to incorporate throughout PowerPoint presentation. In the actual event that straight inserting the actual Flash video in FLV format, you have to become certain the FLV file could be appropriately played back with first. It's recommended to install VideoLAN VLC media player to experience YouTube Flash video files throughout FLV format.


1. Go for the YouTube video page you'd prefer to add, and check the particular URL within the address bar of your Web browser. You'll receive an address such as "". Then try a number of on-line services like KeepVid or any other offline resources for you to retrieve and also download your original Flash video file in the address. Rename your downloaded YouTube Flash video file via "get_video" to become able to "xxx.flv" while you just like in FLV format.

--- Insert YouTube Video Since common Video

3. Go towards the YouTube video page you'd prefer to add, and check the particular URL within the address bar of your Internet browser. You'll have an address such as "". change the words "watch?v=" to "v/", and now your address grow to become able to be "". the address is what we need to link the actual video via YouTube.

1. With first, anyone need to discover the concealed Manage Toolbox outside in PowerPoint. Within normal View of PowerPoint 2003 and also earlier versions, go to View -> Toolbars -> select "Control Toolbox"; for PowerPoint 2007, visit PowerPoint Choices -> popular -> tick "Show Developer tab inside the Ribbon".